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Why You need End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist?

End of tenancy cleaning is a fertile ground for landlord-tenant disputes. This usually arises when the landlord is not satisfied with the job done. These disputes will sometimes arise because the tenant is not knowledgeable on what to work on. While the landlord uses the moving in inventory report to compare the state of the house at the end of the tenancy with what it was when the tenant moved in, the tenant can work with a checklist on the areas to work with. End of tenancy cleaning London services usually work with such a checklist to ensure the job is thoroughly done.A typical end of tenancy cleaning checklist that goes room by room looks like below:

Living room furniture

  • All wooden units wiped and polished
  • Sofa cushions removed, dusted and vacuumed
  • The sofa vacuumed, all fingerprints and stains removed
  • Countertops and other furniture surfaces wiped and polished
  • All stains on upholstery and curtains removed
  • Living room carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed on the edges. Steam cleaning or hand-washing done if necessary


  • Clear out and defrost the fridge/freezer a day before the cleaning
  • Clean the insides including sanitizing the mildew with a bleach
  • Dismantle grills and shelves to wash and rinse
  • Clean the rubber seal
  • Wipe and polish the exterior and the handles

Other kitchen appliances should be cleaned as well.

  • The dishwasher should be free of food and soap scum. Clear all dirt and mildew inspect the filters and clean, remove marks and stains then wipe the soap dispenser, and wipe down the handles and rubber seal.
  • The ovens and microwave should be cleaned and degreased,
  • Clean and degrease the hob and grill, and the extractor fan
  • Scrub the grill pan and oven racks
  • Cleanse the exterior, removing the stains and marks, as well as inspect and wipe the rubber seals
  • The toaster should be cleaned, food deposits and bread crumbs cleared, grime cleared, and handles degreased.


  • Wipe and dust all surfaces including shelving, cupboards, wardrobes, and picture frames
  • Clean curtain rails, wall hangings, mirrors, and pictures
  • Clear cobwebs off the ceilings and corners
  • Vacuum mattress, carpets and rugs
  • Clear stains and marks off the walls
  • Clean and mop hard floors and laminate


  • Scrub lime scale and hard water stains
  • Clean and polish taps and fittings
  • Polish and remove stains from  the toilet bowl
  • Clear lime scale from taps, showerheads and the bathroom walls
  • Clear drains
  • Remove the makeup table and the toothbrush area
  • Wipe and polish the mirrors

The best way to go about end of tenancy cleaning is by engaging a professional end of tenancy cleaning London service.

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