7 Steps to Becoming a Better Fisherman

Fishing game is one of those experience where anyone can join and stand good chances of being a skilled player. If you are beginning on this enticing sport, there are a few tips that can have you angling with the pros in a short time. These will set the base for you to develop your skill and technique to becoming a better fisher.

Learn all you can about fishing

Fishing is a wide sport. There is a lot to cover on techniques, equipment, fishing spots, types of fish and so on. There are many fishing sites, eBooks, paper books and fishing fan forums where you can get all this info. Learn as much as you can and make it a habit.

Get the proper gear

The next stop should be at the hunting shop. Ask the owner for recommendations for the gear you need as a beginner. He will probably recommend a specific fishing rod and reel. Open faced reels will come later with experience.

Practice the techniques

You have to muster the basics before moving on to anything else. These include fixing bait, tying the knots and casting lines. Work on getting these skills right and you have covered quarter of the learning process.

Be prepared to put in the effort. You will be rewarded as the more time you spend in the water luring fish to your hook the more likely it is that you will become successful.

Know your fish and the bait they respond best to. Catfish will readily take chicken liver for example while bream fish will take crickets. The right bait is likely to pull in your fish faster.

Know your location

It goes without saying that you will hook more fish where they are in plenty. Learn about the spawning periods and locations of the fish. Following the fish upstream or downstream is part of the thrill.

Timing goes with location. You will realize that fish don’t keep your time. You will have to be in the water at odd times like sunrise, moonset, and midnight and so on. Some successful fishermen claim that an overcast sky is the best for fishing. Do your research and work out what works best for you.

Be ready to learn

Look at what the more successful anglers are doing and copy what they do. You will learn fast by improving on what works.

Positive attitude

As a beginner, it is very likely you will go home empty-handed from time to time. Learn to be patient and have a positive attitude that success will come with time.

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