6 Tips for the Perfect Flatshare Liverpool

How to find your perfect Flatshare in Liverpool

With rent being what it is these days, finding a perfect flatshare (low rent, easy commute, and great flatmates) is like looking for the Tao. In a bog city like Liverpool, you can count yourself extremely lucky if the flatshare matches your checklist by 80%.  However, the simple fact is that if you have to live in the city for one reason or another, a flatshare is probably your best bet for affordable rent. There are several tips you can use in your search for the perfect flatshare Liverpool that will guarantee you a higher degree of success.

Flatmate first

It would make your flatshare search much easier if it is a combined effort. If you have someone in mind who is also open to a flatshare arrangement, ask them to be flatmates then divide the area to search between yourselves such that it is faster and more coordinated.


Use the available tools online to make your search faster. You can filter by area, rent and types of people. Good filtering ensures that you are looking at what you really need and not a wish list. Good filtering techniques will leave you with very limited choices but it is highly likely that you will find a very good flatshare Liverpool arrangement.

Learn to compromise

The perfect flatshare hardly exists. What looks good for the commute might not be pleasing for the neighborhood, or rent might be out of range. If you are doing a joint search, finding a flat that works well for all parties is very hard. Learn to compromise. Using a mapping tool would be very helpful.

Set alerts

Available rooms are quickly grabbed.  Luckily, you can set up your smartphone to receive alerts from sites like Room Hunters UK.  Alternatively, you can subscribe for early alerts which will cost you a few pounds, but you will be ahead of the pack.

Follow the herd

If you are a student, hanging out with the student crowd will give good leads on flatshare opportunities, and you will flatmates with compatible interests. Join the numerous groups on Facebook discussing accommodation and you might get Flatshare Liverpool arrangements that are not listed on the major websites.

Go for larger flatshares

Being in a larger flatshare with 4-6 flatmates has several advantages. There are more friends to make, and the bills are lower.

Be particular about the people

It would be very hard to live with incompatible people no matter how cheap the rent is. If you can’t stand being woken up at 3 a.m. by drunks stay away from that type of crowd. Watch out for creeps too.

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