5 Fisherman Tips for More Success in Freshwater

Let’s face it. Not everyone who loves fishing enjoys spending hours on a boat with limited mobility. Freshwater water fishing on the banks of a river or lake is quite as exciting if not more exciting than fishing in the deep sea or lake. Many people mistakenly think freshwater fishing will always yield less fish than sea fishing. While this is partially true (the sea a lot bigger than any river), it also depends on the skill of the fisherman. There are some few tips you can use to hook more fish when doing freshwater fishing.

Know the depths

Different fish prefer different depths. It is always good to have a topographical map so that you can spot where the fish are. Some maps are detailed enough to show the fish cribs sunk by other fishermen so that you don’t snag your hook on them.

Know your bait

Different fish have different preferences for bait including size, scents and colors. Generally, freshwater fish will bite insect bait like worms, minnows, and grasshoppers. These regularly fall into the water. Bigger fish will bite bigger bait including leeches and frogs. Research the appropriate bait for your fish and buy online.

Discover the slip bobber

You need to dangle the bait at the appropriate depth where the fish are. A slip bobber is very useful in dangling your hook at different depths without bothering your casting.  The bobber allows a thread through and stops it with a knot on the upper side. The bobber floats on the water keeping the length of line in the water at the preferred depth.

Wash your bait and hands

Fish have a good sense of smell.  Any scent on your hands will go onto the bait and repel the fish. Wash your hands, hook and bait.

Cast further out

Sound travels well in water. This means the fish will hear you approaching the water. The best thing is to do the first few casts at a good distance from the water. This way you can catch the fish unaware. You can then move closer to the water is there is no catch and have better casting angles.

Check out the surroundings

In shallow water, fish will gravitate to water that is under shade. Cast in water under trees and other natural shadows like an overhang bank. If it is windy, lighter critters in the water get blown along by the wind which pulls along the bigger fish feeding on them.  Cast from the windswept bank for better luck.

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